Online retail and emerging products appear at the 2021 White Label World Expo


What even is a white label product? Some companies mass produce products to be sold to other companies who then rebrand them with their own name. This expo allowed for many companies to gather and sell their products in person — which is a big deal for some of these online businesses!

Different events and selling opportunities happened throughout the expo, including seminars for small business owners and advice for selling goods and services online.

Some business owners shared stories about their own products and intentions at the expo with reporter Jason Rzucidlo.

Elite Jump Ropes

After noticing how many companies like to include jump ropes in their catalogs, Elite Jump Ropes decided to wholesale their custom jump ropes. While they have their own brand, people are able to also make their own or even add accessories to ones previously made.

Being an online business means no real-life costumer interaction, so Elite Jump Ropes took the opportunity to come to the expo and change that. By interacting with costumers, they wanted to observe how costumers liked designing their own ropes.

Zingari Man

Zingari Man is a skin care company that specializes in men’s grooming. With products ranging from bath products to shaving supplies, the company caters to all of men’s need.

Similar to other businesses, Zingari Man came to the expo hoping to expand and find more stores. They are looking for places like salons, barber shops, and gift stores.


Hi-Country custom makes rubs, seasonings, dog treats, blends, and more. All coming from a small town called Lincoln in Montana, this company formulates custom products and labels that they send to different companies.

Their reason for attending the expo was to meet up with different retailers and manufacturers that are looking to use their product. They hope that their unique products will attract retailers who are looking to add something interesting.

While there are many people looking to sell their products, there are also companies looking to buy, like Thrasio! Thrasio specializes in buying Amazon businesses from someone who wants to move onto their next project. Thrasio not only builds business connections along the way, but they also emphasize the friendships they’ve gained from events just like the expo.

Even the United States Postal Service had a booth at the expo. They tried to help small businesses with shipping and logistical needs.

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