San Miguel De Allende Named the Best City in the World


Now is the time to start planning where your family will spend the holidays. How about a trip to the best city in the world according to Travel & Leisure magazine, it’s been a banner year for San Miguel De Allende as it celebrates it’s reign as American Cultural Capital.

It’s no wonder why San Miguel De Allende is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, it’s attractive and cosmopolitan appearance will enchant you and so will it’s astonishing appreciation for food. Enjoy a wine tasting and tour of Tres Raices Vineyard, one of Guanajuato Mexican born venues.

Visit the organic gardens of Rancho Trinidad where you take farm-to-table ingredients into the kitchen, with a professional chef in a world-class cooking and dining experience. Experience a family tradition of preserving and perfecting a historical trade of over 100 years, Panio is recognized bakery and pastry shop in San Miguel de Allende. Experience paradise at Nirvana the perfect blend of nature nestled on the banks of the Laja River and what better way to experience the magnificence of San Miguel de Allende but from the sky in a hot-air balloon over the beautiful colonial town and the surrounding countryside, with the charming streets stunning architecture and vibrant color.

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