Sonoma in the spotlight: wine, art, history & the authentic solution to wine country


In wine country, Sonoma is sometimes referred to as “Napa‘s younger sibling.” Yet with its rich history and artisan community, Sonoma is a star in its own right.

Less than an hour away from San Francisco is the birthplace of
California’s wine industry. 

Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau Executive, Wendy Peterson says that Sonoma characterizes itself as the country, sweet solution.

The town boasts not only wine makers, but also cheese makers, olive oil makers and artists living in the community. Peterson describes Sonoma as authentic and says their self-proclaimed tag line is “real wine country”.

Sonoma is also home to the biggest plaza in California. The eight acre plaza is situated in the middle of town square alongside the 100-year-old Town Hall and California’s oldest mission.

Peterson says the General Vallejo Barracks and the mission are the roots of the history that can be found in the Sonoma Valley.
The valley is home to over 50 wineries, yet one family winery has stayed in the spotlight for generations.

The Sebastiani Winery is surrounded by history and is home to what many call the “mission vineyard.” This vineyard was planted by the Franciscan Fathers in 1825 and is still in use today.

Throughout the years, the Sebastiani name has stayed synonymous with Sonoma. Many of the buildings in the town were built by Sebastiani family members.

Although Sonoma prides itself on its rich history, the town is always striving to make modern moves.

The Sebastiani trolley runs historical tours around the town and historical tours within the winery. Sensory tastings are also offered providing visitors with a true grape to glass experience.

From wine to chocolate to cheese, you can literally sample your way through Sonoma.

Peterson believes that Sonoma and Napa truly compliment each other and work with a great sense of synergy.

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