Stand! Movie Musical


The new movie musical Stand! is already nominated for best score, and we sat down with the director of Bring It On who worked with award- winning writers from Juno.

One of the things that attracted me to the project Stand! was that although set in 1919, it’s so relevant today with the spread of white Nationalism going across not only America but in Europe as well. Here’s a story that tackles the anti immigrant theme head on.

Rob Adetuyi, Director of Stand

Rob Adetuyi shares the importance of seeing this production for young people who are unaware of what happened in the past in helping them better understand the climate today.

Music and dance is universal, and it also breaks down barriers. I think people feel more comfortable when they’re in that mood. Dance inspires as does music, but then you can bring in a message and you’re telling a story. Especially these songs; they really speak to the heart. The message of the movie is how we can all get along in this diverse community.

Rob Adetuyi

More works from director Rob Adetuyi to look out for include Love Jacked coming out on Netflix in February, a thriller titled Trouble Sleeping, and an interracial social-dramatic thriller called Dancing With the Devil.