Stay Hydrated This Summer With HFactor


HFactor expands with new flavors, increased distribution, and fresh innovative hydrogen infused functional water.

HFactor®, hydrogen infused functional water, is celebrating its two-year anniversary with the launch of four delicious flavors, increased distribution and a brand refresh. HFactor® is adding WatermelonBlood OrangeHoneydew and Tart Cherry flavors to its line of award-winning hydrogen infused water. 

HFactor® Flavors are made with natural flavors and have zero calories or sugar. The 11oz. flavored pouches are now available at as well as on Amazon with an anticipated roll out to national retailers later this summer. 

HFactor® products are now available at over 6,500 retailers including Albertsons, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, Wegmans, and many more. The HFactor® 11oz. pouch of original water is now available at over 1,500 Walmart stores nationwide.  

The new product launch and expansion coincides with the renewal of the HFactor® brand that includes: new packaging with clean graphics that emphasize the product benefits (increase athletic performance, reduce inflammation from exercise and deliver powerful antioxidants) and an updated website at

“When we launched HFactor® two years ago, our goal was to become the first truly functional beverage on the market, and we achieved that by pioneering hydrogen infused water,” said Gail Levy, founder and CEO of HFactor®. “It took years of research and working with top scientists (and consulting with NASA) and medical experts to get us here. We are so proud of this first-to-market truly functional beverage that was inspired to meet the specific needs and challenges of those aspiring to lead healthy and active lives. The launch of flavors is really exciting for us, as there will be an HFactor® favorite for everyone in 2019. This coupled with increased distribution at key retailers like Walmart and a brand refresh really speak to how we’re evolving as a brand.” 

Decades of research (over 1,000 published studies from leading scientists) have evidenced the ability of hydrogen infused water to enhance how our bodies feel, function and renew. We all know water already has hydrogen, as in H2O, but when those two hydrogen atoms are bound to oxygen, they are not available for any other interaction. However, when hydrogen gas is infused into water, active hydrogen molecules are free and accessible to our bodies. Small and soluble, molecular hydrogen can quickly circulate and speed straight into the power centers of our cells — which has been shown to increase athletic performance, reduce inflammation from exercise and deliver powerful antioxidants. HFactor® has engineered a proprietary reverse osmosis technique for infusing the extra hydrogen without any intrusions or additives ensuring consistency and purity – providing the most perfect functional water there is.