The 5 Freshest Spring Fashion Trends for 2018 from Jaime Krell


Style expert Jaime Krell collected the sales data and breaks down the Top 5 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends to refresh your wardrobe for the warm weather. Learn why the micro purse is big news this year and 4 other trends to prioritize.

If you’re inspired by all the Oscars fashion excitement tonight, here’s what you need to know to refresh your wardrobe for Spring 2018.

Style Expert, Jaime Krell broke down the 5 most important trends to prioritize in current spring/summer wardrobe.

Top 5 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

  1. Sheer Fabrics
  2. Bright Colors
  3. Micro Purses
  4. Kitten Heels
  5. Fun Sunglasses

See the details about the full list in the segment below.

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Photo: Getty / 2008 (80th Academy Awards) Marion Cotillard

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