The Best Tech Products From CES 2018


The Consumer Electrics Show, otherwise known as CES, is the biggest technology show in the world. “We’re talking 4,000 exhibitors, over 3 million square feet of space being used” said Digital Lifestyle Expert, Mario Armstrong

The show provides a chance to see the newest, most relevant high-tech gadgets before they even hit the stores. And this year, the always connected PC’s, or AC-PC’s, like the “HP Envy X2 Powered by Intel” are one of the hottest topics at this years show.

“They’re designed for people who really want that computer experience for productivity and performance when they’re on the go, making moves. But they want devices that are lightweight, super-thin, but also sturdy,” Armstrong explained.

Some of the other big-ticket items featured external storage like the Samsung Portable SSD T-5 and top-notch home security systems like the new Ooma Home Security.

Plus, CES even featured technology to help you sleep! The new Philips Smart Sleep is a comfortable, wearable headband that’s clinically proven to enhance sleep and is designed for people between the ages of 18 and 50.

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