Norbert Wabnig stands for a portrait at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, CA, on March 25, 2008. (Photo by Liz O. Baylen/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills gets a new owner for the first time in 44 years


The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills– one of the first real cheese stores in the country and an iconic L.A. Foodie destination- is officially changing ownership after four decades.

Norbert Wabnig, former owner of The Cheese Store since 1978

This “cheesy” store starts with Norbert Wabnig, who has been the owner of The Cheese Store since 1978. After coming to California to become a rockstar, Wabnig joked that it went so well he ‘had to take a job here for a dollar eighty an hour.’

One thing led to another, and with the help of his family, Norbert bought the store. It was one of the first real cheese stores in the United States and has basically grown up with Beverly Hills.

In a place as luxurious as Beverly Hills, the people here are well-traveled, affluent, and have high expectations. If they want good cheese, they’re going to The Cheese Store.

The Cheese Store offers carefully selected varieties of traditional and artisanal cheeses, a boutique selection of food friendly wines and gourmet foodstuffs, many from local purveyors. 

So who is the lucky new owner of this iconic store?

Dominick DiBartolomeo has been part of the The Cheese Store for the past twenty years. Growing up in New York City, DiBartolomeo always knew he wanted to be involved with food. He found that this store was the place to help him grow and learn.

Dominick DiBartolomeo gets interviewed about his new ownership of The Cheese Store

Norbert knew immediately that Dominick was right for the store because ‘the store has a very unique feel to it, not everybody gets it, but Dominick got it the minute he walked in.’

After forty-four years, Norbert realized it was time to pass the torch and no one better to receive the torch than that of Dominick DiBartolomeo.

Norbert Wabnig and Dominick DiBartolomeo working together at The Cheese Store

Dominick reveals he never felt like he worked for Norbert, instead, he feels he has always worked with Norbert, who actually let him start his own business: Domenico’s Foods. While working at the store, Dominick was able to grow his business, make mistakes, and learn.

Dominick DiBartolomeo at work for his new business, Domenico’s Foods

Not only was this a place for Dominick to launch Domenico’s Foods and harness his craft, but he actually met his wife here. His wife reveals their adorable “meet-cute” moment:

“I walked into the cheese store and immediately spotted Dominick. We had a really nice conversation, and when I was leaving, he gave me a loaf of bread. I remember thinking: ‘There could be a future in this relationship.'”

A few years later, he proposed to her in the very same spot they met.

Dominick is honored to continue the legacy and provide the community with the level of quality and service that’s synonymous with Beverly Hills.

We can’t wait to see what “big things” Dominick has in store!