Easy and Healthy Dairy Recipes For Summer


Have you ever wondered why June is National Dairy Month?

Back in 1937, the month of June was used for a grocery/milk promotion. Today, National Dairy Month serves as a reminder of the health benefits dairy products can bring.

Dairy products contain essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and protein.

With inflation increasing at its fastest rate in decades, many of us are wondering how to stock up on staples without busting our budget.

Experts say the solution to this could be the supermarket’s dairy aisle!

As we celebrate National Dairy Month, Chef Jamie Gwen says the modern dairy aisle is more than just eggs, milk, and butter.

“The modern dairy aisle has everything for your lifestyle choice, food trends, dietary needs, and the best part of all- everything is protein-packed!”

Chef Jamie Gwen

You can find a lot of nutrition and variety in the dairy aisle. It’s a great opportunity to explore innovative, tasty ingredients.

Chef Jamie calls it “Dairy and Beyond:”

Whether you are plant-based or looking for dairy alternatives, there’s so much versatility in the dairy aisle to find trendy food and beverages, small meal options, and refrigerated sections. There’s no doubt your local supermarket’s dairy aisle has what you need!

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The market for plant-based foods and vegan products is growing more popular every day.

Today, we have options like almond milk or oat milk, expanding our market for the lactose intolerant, vegan, or anyone seeking a healthy alternative.

It’s safe to say every eater finds their place in the dairy aisle.

Chef Jamie Gwen

So if there are so many dairy options, what do we make of them?

Chef Jamie has some new recipes to help us plan unique, cost-effective meals.

Link to full recipe here

#1: For breakfast, Chef Jamie showed us her French Toast English Muffins. Talk about a great way to start your morning! Fluffy and fabulous, it uses a lot of the dairy aisle favorites she mentioned before.

Link to full recipe here

#2: It’s lunchtime! Chef Jamie loves a good Summer Italian Panzanella salad. Make sure to not let your leftover bread or veggies go to waste this summer. Instead, use it up in this salad. Chef Jamie even soaks her croutons in garlic butter for her famous Garlic Butter Croutons, and believe me, ‘You’ve never had anything better!’

Link to full recipe here

#3: For those summer backyard barbeques, Chef Jamie can’t go without a good steakhouse side. She highly recommends her The Very Best Creamed Corn.

Whatever you do, make sure you stay stocked up on dairy aisle staples, like a bevy of cheeses, milk, and cream, to ensure you have the best summer side dish ever.

Link to full recipe here

#4: Is it really summer without a lemonade stand? Chef Jamie brings us her buttery and bright Lemonade Stand Cookies, which are made with lemony flavor and beloved by kids and adults alike.

Link to full recipe here

#5: Last but not least, her Summer Blueberry Mousse is super creamy and absolutely delicious- and takes just minutes to prepare!

All of her recipes are posted at easyhomemeals.com. In addition to great recipes, make sure to also check out the website so you can enter the Ten Thousand Dollar Sweepstakes celebrating National Dairy Month.