The future of furniture design with 3D printing


Imagine designing your living room and 3D printing the furniture. Well, the future is here – and you can customize it too!

3D printing is coming to consumers and California Life’s William Yarbrough brings us the details.

This sector of design is expected to grow to more than 20 billion dollars by 2020. One company, Print The Future, is looking to make unique pop-up stores accessible around the world.

Founder and CEO of Print The Future, Neil Patel, says his goal is to make 3D printing trendy. “We’re focused on bringing 3D printing to the mainstream or the masses. I firmly believe that 3D printing will be just like going to the coffee shop.”

With 3D printing, consumers have an idea of what they want, take that idea to a 3D print shop, get it printed on multiple printers and then take it home and use it as tangible chairs, couches, and more.

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