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Bring New Life to Old Meals with Spectrum Organics


Do you often find yourself cooking the same things over and over AND using the same ingredients? We all have our go-to recipes and our go-to ingredients, but that can get boring pretty quickly.

Award-Winning Chef and Restauranteur, Marcus Samuelsson, says a few simple tricks can bring new life to any old meal – even something as simple as penne pasta.

So, what’s the easiest trick? Samuelsson says something as easy as mixing up your culinary oils will drastically enhance the flavors of each meal.

And if you’re not sure which oil to use and when to use it, Samuelsson says to consider what’s in season, what you’re cooking and the temperature you typically use.

If you’re looking for the highest quality at an affordable price, Spectrum Organics offers a premium line of culinary oils, vinegars, mayos and shortenings that can completely transform any average, old meal into an exciting experience the whole family will enjoy.

For a complete list of culinary oils and dish pairings, visit or watch the full segment below.