Earthquake Activity, Wes Parker, La Jolla Lodging, and More. CLHD | Ep. 501

Airing: Episode 501, Week of Saturday, August 3rd.

In this segment, California Life heads to the Coachella Valley and checks in with Tom Jordan about earthquake activity in California. 

California is known for scores of museums, many covering serious topics like science, history, and art. But this week, David Wylie takes us to a rather unusual museum that could drive you bananas. Check out the International Banana Museum

Then the interview with the host of the Good Life segment, Wes Parker, a former Los Angeles Dodger, and all-time Rawlings Gold man’s first baser. 

The first and only pill studied and proven in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Also, known as SMPS, a chronic disorder of the central nervous system that disrupts the normal functions of the brain and spinal cord through inflammation and tissue loss. 

Some of the nation’s best chefs head to The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, San Diego, for a weekend of culinary delights.

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