How Dentistry and Facelifts Have More in Common Then You Think.


He’s been on the hit show “The Doctors” and now we get an inside look at the amazing facelift dentistry work of Dr. Sam Muslin.

If you’ve ever dreamt up having that perfect smile with non-surgical procedures this is the place for you. Let’s take a look at that perfect smile we all want it and Dr. Sam Muslin can give it to us without surgery, introducing facelift dentistry.

Dr. Muslin invented the method because he had a hard time seeing people suffering after jaw surgery. So what is facelift dentistry and how does it work? facelift dentistry is a much higher level to healthcare. Instead of just putting veneers on your teeth for your smile, facelift dentistry handles the entire face. In handling the entire face what facelift dentistry does is it gets you the most ideal bite and the most ideal jaw position possible for your anatomical structure. There are no shots to this procedure, no drilling, it’s truly revolutionary in the field of Dentistry.

Facelift dentistry isn’t just about facial correction it’s about bringing your life back together, you get to sleep better have fewer headaches and have more self-confidence. Dr.Muslin has been practicing for 42 years and believes that facelift dentistry solves problems like no other method.

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