Keeping California Homes Free Of Fire


The only place you want to see flames in your home is in the fireplace, here are some great ways on how you can keep it that way.

The first thing we recommend having is a working smoke detector, at least one on every level of your home. Most of the fatalities that occur in home fires are because people didn’t have working smoke detectors in their house. Plus smoke detectors lose their effectiveness in 10 years so remember the saying, “toss at 10 start again” and replace your old devices.

There is some great technology coming out such as the 10-year worry-free smoke detector. It has a sealed battery inside so you’ll never have to worry about replacing the battery and they talk to each other so wherever they are in the house, they’ll all alert you at the same time. This new generation of smoke detectors can even send an alert to your smartphone if there’s a problem in your home.

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