Social Media Engagements for Grocery Delivery Brands Explode – Up 28,000 Percent


Among the unsung heroes in this time of stay-at-home orders nationwide are grocery workers, but for those who can’t or choose not to make a trip to the store, grocery delivery services provide a true lifeline.  

International social media analytics firm, Talkwalker reports that all of the big players among grocery delivery services have had more than 28,000 percent more engagement in a two-month period of time (March 1 – May 1) from the previous two months. The five major brands had 7 million engagements in that time period as compared with 25,000 engagements between January 1 and February 29. 

If grocery delivery was a niche business for the workaholics, it is now an essential service for the sick and the elderly,” says Todd Grossman, CEO Americas Talkwalker. “By analyzing your audience precisely, you will be able to adapt your tone of voice and adjust your brand message accordingly.”

Overall there have been 670K mentions of grocery deliveries in conjunction with five delivery services, with the top two being: 

1. Instacart  – 572,000 mentions 

2. Shipt -65,000 mentions 

With 85 percent of the social media mentions, Instacart owned the conversation on grocery delivery, while Shipt was a distant second with 10 percent. The remaining five percent is divvied up among Walmart, FreshDirect/Foodkick, and Peapod, Talkwalker reports.

Although there has been a good amount of discussion in the news media about whether people are being driven to delivery by fear of store overcrowding, that has not been the case in social media with mentions of crowded stores just in the dozens over the past two months. 

On the other hand, mentions about getting a delivery slot are high, with Instacart totaling 11,000 mentions among the 20,000 for all brands, according to Talkwalker. 

“That is the big issue facing customers these days and people are talking about it on social media,” according to Grossman, as evidenced by these Tweets.

Contactless delivery is a lesser trend, but still notable in that it now exists when it previously did not. It has 1.3K mentions over the previous two months across all the delivery brands, Talkwalker reports.

Among the top themes related to grocery delivery brands, the following are trending the most, according to Talkwalker

1. Delivery slots                      15,000 mentions

2. Contactless delivery           1,100 mentions

3. Shortages                               770 mentions

4. Wrong orders                        704 mentions

5. Delays                                      604 mentions

Data provided by Talkwalker, a social listening and analytics company that empowers over 2,000 brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. We provide companies with an easy-to-use platform to protect, measure, and promote their brands worldwide, across all communication channels.