The Powerful Movement and Success Behind Permanent Cosmetics


From death to diamonds Dawn Hunter is one of the top permanent makeup experts in the world and she’s focused on how women can improve their self-esteem from inside to out.

With the rise of popularity in health and medical spas, Don Hunter founder of Vine Studios Permanent Cosmetics created a full beauty and wellness treatment facility in Seattle. She found a passion for the medical esthetics business and along the way a permanent makeup came along. A master’s aesthetician with a degree in chiropractic and permanent makeup, Don is passionate about helping others find their confidence and boosting their livelihood. She believes there’s a running theme in her life of helping others transform themselves and she gets a big reward out of that.

Don is currently working on her book “Dust to Diamonds” a concept of changing the self for the better. “Dust to Diamonds” describes self-motivation, self-transformation and the attitude in America that anybody can be anything. In our world today self-confidence is something we all struggle with, Don believes challenging yourself is crucial to self-growth. Building self-esteem comes with facing challenges, if everything is easy for you and it’s laid out for you how do you build your confidence if you’re never challenging yourself.

More success? Passion, passion, passion! and making the time to find a mentor. There are various steps you need to go through 1, identify your passion 2, carve out time to make it happen, and 3 find mentorship. There’s so many ways that you can go from A to B if you just put your mind to it and think creatively.

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